School Info

Twin Lakes Elementary School, established in 1986, is the newest of ten elementary schools in the Mountain View School District and is located in the city of El Monte.

Our school mascot, the Comet, was named for Halley’s Comet, which appeared in the solar system and was visible to the naked-eye in the year the school opened.

We strive to provide a variety of educational and extra-curricular events for our students and families.

We are known throughout the community for our commitment to recycling efforts and have won the City of El Monte Recycling Award 6 years in a row.

Twin Lakes is a Peace Builder school. We teach our students the six principles of Peace Builders: Praise People, Give Up Put Downs, Seek Wise People, Notice Hurts, Right Wrongs, and Help Others. Our staff has been trained in these principles and we incorporate them into our daily interactions with each other, our students, and our parents.

The school seeks to promote parental involvement in the educational process and school activities, offering comprehensive programs and guides for the benefit of both the student and the parent.
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