About Twin Lakes

Alberto Alvarez
picture of school

Ricardo Ortega
Assistant Principal
Melissa Jordan
Dean of Instruction

3900 Gilman Road, El Monte, CA 91732
Phone: (626) 652-4400
Fax:       (626) 552-4031

Welcome to our outstanding school. Twin Lakes is a 2nd -8th grade elementary school established in 1986. We have a multi-ethnic population with a staff who encourages a positive understanding and appreciation for all students and celebrates their uniqueness. Our school is committed to high intellectual, social and personal expectation and high standards of performance for all students, with a caring and safe environment. Twin Lakes students have a variety of extracurricular and extension activities such as STAR assemblies, Recycling Club, Performing Arts, Family Reading Night, Children''s Day Parade, Spirit Week, etc. We want you to be part of our "family", so feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Twin Lakes is supported by:
Myrna Urias Olmeda, Office Manager
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